Hikage Miyauchi
Hikage f02
Age Around 16
Birthday 1996
Misato Fukuen
Anime The Summer Vacation has Started
Hikage Miyauchi (宮内 ひかげ Miyauchi Hikage?) is one of the characters of Non Non Biyori series. She also appears in the author's other work "Little Devil's Meringue" (こあくまメレンゲ Ko-Akuma Merenge?).



Hikage has dark violet hair, similar to Kazuho, while her eyes are blue and shaped similar to Renge's eyes. In her first appearance she had longer hair, though during the Festival episode, she had her hair cut with a friend. After she got her hair cut above her shoulders, she ties a shorter strand of hair to the side to make herself look more like a city girl.


Hikage likes getting people's attention. She often tells people about her new experiences though most of the characters don't actually care. Though she's very kind and responsible. She stays true to her word and tries to come home as much as possible.




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