Hotaru Ichijo
Non Non Biyori - OP 00.24
一条 蛍
Ichijō Hotaru
Age 11
Birthday May 28
Sign Gemini
Blood Type O
Relations Father Ichijō (father)
Mother Ichijō (mother)
Friends Komari Koshigaya

Natsumi Koshigaya

Renge Miyauchi

Kazuho Miyauchi (sensei)

Konomi Fujimiya

Suguru Koshigaya (possibly)

Rie Murakawa
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Non Non Biyori Episode 1

Hotaru Ichijō (一条 蛍 Ichijō Hotaru?) is one of the main characters of Non Non Biyori series.


For the villagers in Asahigaoka, Hotaru is a bit taller because of her Tokyo origin (161 cm). She has neat black hair and brown tsurime eyes. Also, it is easy to tell that she appears to look older, and more mature, for her age.


Hotaru is full of curiosity and interested in the village's life. She also has a crush/obsession on Komari Koshigaya due to Komari's petite appearance. She has a mature and "older sister" type of personality. She is quite responsible and many of the characters often count on her, though she freaks out easily. However, when at home, she becomes really childish, especially around her mother, as shown in Episode 11 of Non Non Biyori Repeat, but people think she's just being modest when she says that. 


Hotaru lived in Tokyo before moving to the countryside due to her father's work transfer. She had come to Asahigaoka several times previously when she was younger because her relatives live nearby.




  • Her given name means "firefly".
  • In Non Non Biyori Repeat, she has a dog named Pechi.
  • She slowly grows matured as the series progressed.
  • She is 161 cm tall.
  • She has a whole room full of Komari plushies.
  • Her family got to the country side by an airplane.
  • Renge's nickname for her is "Hotarun".
  • She refers to Komari as "Senpai" and sometimes Koma-chan Senpai, or just Komari-Senpai.


  • "W-Well that's not j-just a mess... T-There might be land mines...!" (Episode 6)
  • "I just want to pet that little head..." - Hotaru to Komari (Episode 8)


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