Manga 1

Volume 1 of the manga.

Non Non Biyori (のんのんびより?) is a manga series by Atto, serialized on Media Factory's Monthly Comic Alive magazine from November 2009. Manga vs Anime comparison can be found here.

Setting and ConceptionEdit

The story is made by reorganizing Atto's former work "Toko-toko" (とことこ?), so the basic setting is same as it. Also, some characters of the author's past works appear in the story.

The story set in the countryside village of Asahigaoka, a village which is pretty far from large cities like Tokyo, having the stores are hard to reach and things from large cities are always delivered in days or weeks to the village.

Plot and SummaryEdit

This story revolves around Hotaru Ichijō (一条 蛍?), a 10-years old girl who transferred from Tokyo, discovering the life in countryside and plays with her new friends.

Kaede Kagayama is a young woman with little direction in life. After finishing her studies, she inherits her grandmother's candy shop in the farming village she grew up in.  Her business is not very profitable, her  only customers are four girls that attend the only school in town. The youngest, a  precocious first grader named Renge, is her most frequent guest. We learn that Kaede while in high school, reluctantly would care for baby Renge in place of her feckless onee-chan, Hikage. She is not  good with kids and did not enjoy being around them. Renge was more than a handful yet Kaede managed and began to become affectionate towards her.

As the years went by, Kaede grew up living only for herself. Now as the proprietor of a small store, she spends her most of her time alone and struggles with poverty. Renge, older and beginning to explore the world around her, never forgot the compassion she received from Kaede. She often goes to see Kaede to tell her about new discoveries or share her enthusiasm for life. Though normally detached from others, Kaede takes a renewed interest in the little sprite. While Renge grows and has new experiences, Kaede watches closely over her.  The curious young girl gives Kaede purpose in her dreary life. As Kaede's love for Renge nurtures, she finds a warmer side of herself she had not known before.

The main part of the manga is that it revolves around 4 girls and their daily lives. Meanwhile, the things mentioned above are minor parts of the series.


Main CharactersEdit

Hotaru Ichijō (一条 蛍?)
A fifth grade elementary school student who transfers into Asahigaoka Branch School from Tokyo. She was born in May 28. She is quite tall for her age and has a crush on Komari. She had ever come to Asahigaoka several times because her relatives live near her house.
Renge Miyauchi (宮内 れんげ?)
A first grade elementary school student. She was born in December 3. Whilst generally acting her age, she is often quite perceptive. She often ends her sentences with 'na non'. She keeps a racoon dog named "An ingredient used in cooking" ( Gu?).
Natsumi Koshigaya (越谷 夏海?)
A first-year middle school student (seventh grade). She was born in January 24. Being a lazy and mischievous girl, she is taller than Komari, her older sister.
Komari Koshigaya (越谷 小鞠?)
A second-year middle school student and Natsumi's older sister. She was born in September 14. She is quite short, which she has a complex about, and used to prove that she is an adult.