"Summer Vacation Started"
Non Non Biyori - 04 06.04
Natsu Yasumi ga Hajimatta
Scenario Reiko Yoshida
Storyboard Shinya Kawazura
Episode Director Shiorishi Abe
Animation Director Noriko Tejima, Ayako Satō
Chief Animation Director Mai Ōtsuka
Japanese Air Date

October 28, 2013

Opening Nana-iro Biyori
Ending Non Non Biyori
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"I Ran Away From Home With My Sister" "I Pretended I Forgot My Swimsuit"
Summer Vacation Started (夏休みがはじまった Natsu Yasumi ga Hajimatta?) is the fourth episode of Non Non Biyori.


As summer vacation begins, Renge's older sister Hikage comes home from her school in Tokyo, hoping to impress the others with her know-how about city life only for Hotaru to outshine her. Later, Renge meets another girl her age named Honoka Ishikawa, who she quickly become friends with. After spending several days playing with Honoka, Renge is saddened when she learns Honoka had to suddenly leave due to her father's work. However, she cheers up a week later after receiving a letter from Honoka saying she'll come back next summer.

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