"I Became a Ghost and Tried Hard"
Non Non Biyori - 06 03.27
Obake ni Natte Ganbatta
Scenario Reiko Yoshida
Storyboard Kōji Sawai
Episode Director Kōji Sawai
Animation Director Kazuya Hirata, Akio Kitahara, Keisuke Furuichi
Chief Animation Director Mai Ōtsuka
Japanese Air Date

November 11, 2013

Opening Nana-iro Biyori
Ending Non Non Biyori
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"I Pretended I Forgot My Swimsuit" "My Rice Cracker Turned Into Curry"
I Became a Ghost and Tried Hard (おばけになってがんばった Obake ni Natte Ganbatta?) is the sixth episode of Non Non Biyori.


Natsumi gets chewed out by her mother over her poor school grades whilst also trying to hide her poor test results from her. Afterwards, the girls visit Hotaru, who attempts to hide the vast number of handmade Komari plushies in her room. This ultimately fails, but she manages to pass them off as part of a school project. Later that night, the gang have a test of courage at the shrine, which proves a bit too much for Komari.

Character AppearancesEdit

Adapted FromEdit


Major EventsEdit





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