– Renge's catchphrase.

Renge Miyauchi
Non Non Biyori - OP 00.28
宮内 れんげ
Miyauchi Renge
Age 7
Birthday December 3rd
Sign Sagittarious
Blood Type B
Kotori Koiwai
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Non Non Biyori Episode 1

Renge Miyauchi (宮内 れんげ Miyauchi Renge?) is one of the main characters of Non Non Biyori series.


Renge f01

Renge Miyauchi

Renge has brownish-red colored eyes and silver lavender hair. She has two "hair antennae" on the top of her head and usually wears her hair into pigtails with yellow ribbons. The yellow ribbons were given by Dagashiya when she was 5. Her facial expression never changes: her eyes are always bored-looking, and her mouth is always triangle shaped.


Renge is a very precocious child with a curious nature. Despite spending much of her free time with the other main characters, she often appears to be in her own world. She has a unique naming sense and also likes creating her own songs. She is often shown playing her recorder at home and outside. She gets excellent grades in school and has demonstrated excellent artistic skills. She even picked up multiplication solely based on Konomi's suggestion to use addition as a base for multiplying two numbers. Despite her blank expression, she is shown to be friendly and affectionate and loves being around people.


Renge's parents work in the fields that their family owns. Renge has two sisters who are Kazuho and Hikage. Kazuho acts as Renge's guardian seeing as her parents have no appearances in the anime. When Renge was younger she was babysat by Kaede Kagayama (aka Candy Store), by choice. The first time Kaede was in for the money, but after that she grew to love her.



  • She's named after a type of lotus flower.
  • She is 134 cm tall.
  • It is shown that she is talented in drawing.
  • She loves rabbits and curry.
  • Natsumi's nickname for her is "Ren-chon".
  • She has smiled only twice in the first season.
  • She has got a pet tanuki named "Gu".
  • She had tadpole shrimp named Hiratira-san.
  • Her family owns a mountain.


  • "Nyanpasu~!"
  • "Rabbit pen, rabbit pen~♪ let's take care of the chickens~♪ Let's take care of the rabbits~♪ Let's groom them nice and pretty~♪ Then put it all together and... Dynamite!" (Episode 7)
  • "Meowning~"


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