TV Anime "Non Non Biyori"
Original Soundtrack
Soundtrack album by Hiromi Mizutani
Release Date December 25, 2013
Label Lantis
TV Anime "Non Non Biyori" Original Soundtrack (TVアニメ『のんのんびより』オリジナルサウンドトラック?) is the Original Soundtrack Album of the Non Non Biyori TV Anime series. The main music composed by Hiromi Mizutani with the TV Sizes of the opening and ending themes. The album contains two CDs and released on December 25, 2013.

Track listingEdit

No. Title .ogg Audio

▼ disc - 1

1 On the Sunny with Ren-chon
2 Nana-iro Biyori
(なないろびより?) (TV Ver.)
3 Dopey Harmonica
4 Will This Be Fine?
5 They're All Careless
6 Non Non Biyori's Theme
7 Happy Cultural Festival
8 Scorching and Scorching Frog
9 I saw Something Unusual
10 I am Nervous
11 Vagus Thoughts
12 Keenly
13 Today Too, is Exciting
14 Blushing Red
15 Idyll
16 Lunch
17 Delicious Cook
18 We won't Make It in Time!
19 Run for You Life~!
20 Who's This Person?
21 A-are You Okay?
22 It's Coming~!
23 Parting
(別れ?) (Piano Ver.)
24 Let's Meet Again Tomorrow
25 Sunny Road
(陽だまり道?) (Piano Ver.)
26 Summer Vacation
27 Confusion
28 Small Hill

▼ disc - 2

1 Sunny Road
2 Dopey Violin
3 Nervous
4 Don't Call Me Koma-chan!
5 Simmering Carelessly
6 Radio Dance
7 See You Tomorrow
8 Let's Play!
9 I Did It!
10 Something's Around!?
11 Violent Blush
12 Frog Boat
13 Anxious
14 Today Too, is Healthy
15 Pat-a-Cake and Hoi
16 It is Indeed Miserable
17 Scaring the Evil Spirits Off!
18 Carefree Sound of Wave
19 The Child Can Do It?
20 Dopey Recorder
21 Bland yet Yummy Cooking
22 Relax and Slowly
23 Spring Came
24 Sunset
25 Renge's Field
26 Parting
27 Scenery of Countryside and Mountain
28 Non Non Biyori
(のんのん日和?) (TV Ver.)
29 Preview!


  • Disc 1 Track 2 is written and composed by Kimiko, arranged and performed by nano.RIPE
  • Disc 2 Track 28 is written and composed by ZAQ, arranged by Akito Matsuda, performed by Renge Miyauchi (CV. Kotori Koiwai), Hotaru Ichijō (CV. Rie Murakawa), Natsumi Koshigaya (CV. Ayane Sakura), and Komari Koshigaya (CV. Kana Asumi)